United we Stand

As we celebrate 23 March, we reaffirm our resolve to safeguard our freedom, integrity and sovereignty. The nation stands united, ever ready to extend hands of friendship to all but also determined never give in to the forces… Read More

Al Mujtaba Education Trust Scholarships at RIPHAH International University Spring Semester 2022

Al Mujtaba Education Trust is pleased to announce scholarships for Spring Semester at RIPHAH International University. Dates for entrance tests are available on web: (last date 31 Jan 2022) Faculties for which Scholarships will be awarded (2 scholarships… Read More

Girls in Rural Areas: Talented, Enthusiastic Determined to make a difference

We believe that girls from rural areas possess tremendous talents. Provided opportunities they display great enthusiasm and energy in learning new skills. Emphasis on soft skills in training programs also enhances social awareness and helps harmonious relations amongst… Read More

A Day of Remembrance, A Day of Resolve – the day a great leader was born

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah 25 December, the birthday of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is a day of remembrance of his relentless efforts for our nation. In the words of historian Stanley Wolpert, “Few individuals… Read More

Why Does it Matter

As we commemorate Milad e Nabi, we must ponder the significance of the occasion. It is not a mere ritual, but a reaffirmation of the faith in Allah and the righteousness of the message delivered by the Khatim… Read More

6 September – A tribute to our Shaheeds and Ghazis

6 September 1965, the day the nation was challenged. The day the nation stood as one to confront the five times larger aggressor. The day our soldiers wrote a new chapter in blood, the day the hearts of… Read More

A Time to Reflect

We have come far but we need to go further Greetings to everyone from Almujtaba Education Trust on Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day. As we bow our heads in gratitude for Allah’s blessings, we also resolve to make our… Read More

How we Fared – Jan to June 2021

Prolonged impact of COVID-19 notwithstanding, Al Mujtaba Education Trust continued its activities effectively. Certification Courses at ‘The Hunar Foundation (THF)’ for boys and girls have continued while the six months ‘Vocational Training Courses’ at our five Vocational Centres… Read More

A new Vocational Training Center – testimony to our commitment to reach out

Al Mujtaba Education Trust adds another Vocational Training Center at Rera Bagh Vocational Training Center (VCT) at Bagh has been functional since the last few months. The Center was formally added to the Trust on 15 June 2021…. Read More