14 August 2023 – A time to Reflect

Our resolve; help talented and needy children rise to their potential

14 August 2023, a journey of 76 years. We have come a long way, the journey continues. The miracle of Pakistan, the idea born of a collective vision, the reality achieved through incredible sacrifices and tremendous effort. A truth that manifests Allah’s blessings.

It had to be, it is, it will be – insha Allah.

We have seen a lot, we have tasted success, we have courted failure, we have been responsible citizens, we have been wayward, but we have endured. The spirit never dies, the hope never fades. Trials and tribulations we face cheerfully, with the profound belief in the higher purpose.

On this auspicious day, Al Mujtaba Education Trust extends greetings to all.

May Allah help us become what we truly can. May Pakistan prosper, may our children rise to their potential, may we be true to ourselves.