Outstanding Achievement by a Star Student

Sehrish Rauf wins the Gold Medal in M Phil

Sehrish Rauf, you have made us proud. You earned the Al Mujtaba Education Trust scholarship on merit; you pursued your studies diligently; you achieved what you set out to do. From Graduation to Masters’ to M Phil in Zoology, you set the highest standards of scholarship; Allah rewarded you.

By winning the ‘Gold Medal’ in Zoology you have proved that sincere and honest effort does not fail, that being a girl from a rural area where educational opportunities are meagre is no impediment in face of determination, that even the devastation of losing a parent can be overcome through faith, that no difficulty is insurmountable if one believes in Allah and puts in honest effort.

Congratulations Sehrish Rauf on this remarkable achievement. We hope that others will draw inspiration from your shining example. You are a true role model for all students.