Welcome Aboard Helping Hands Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (HHIRS)

Memorandum of Understanding finalized between Al Mujtaba Education Trust (AMET) and HHIRS

Continuing our efforts at collaborating with sister organizations, we have formalized partnership with another eminent entity. HHIRS commitment to provide educational and clinical services in the field of rehabilitation to accessible, affordable, free rehabilitation services syncs closely with our objectives to facilitate education of talented and needy students. The MOU will cover following programs: –

1. Degree Courses: Doctor pf Physical Therapy (DPT), BS Prosthetics and Orthotics, BS in Speech/– Language pathology

2. Diploma Courses: Health Technologies, Pathology, Dental, Radiology, Physical Therapy

3. Certificate Level Courses. As posted on HHIRS

Candidates desiring admission in HHIRS may apply for admission on open merit directly to HHIRS. Once admitted into the program they will be eligible for AMET scholarships based on ‘Talent and Need’. Students may apply on prescribed application forms downloadable from AMET Trust website ( after admission in HHIRS courses listed above.