Nasrumin ullah


Student of Department of Sociology at University of Peshawar


I belong to Pandi lalma District, Khyber Agency, an economically underdeveloped area recently merged with Khyber Pakthunkhwa. I am a student of Sociology Department, University of Peshawar, and I am topper of my class having GPA 3.64. My father works as a driver and has to support 7 children which is quite challenging in these times and so I decided to help out by working part time and bear my own educational expenses and started working as a salesman in the vegetable wholesale market. Till the 5th semester I managed part time work daily after classes, weekly holidays as well as during vacations. As I progressed in studies, I was finding it increasingly difficult to put in the required hours of work to earn enough to pay semester fees. That was becoming worrisome and might have led to stoppage in my studies but at this critical time Al Mujtaba Education Trust on recommendations from my teachers selected me for award of scholarship and helped me in continuing my further studies.

The support provided by Al Mujtaba Education Trust has given me new hope to not only complete my education but also will get good grades. The support has also motivated me to reach out to others in need. When I start my career, I will insha Allah pay back to the society by joining hands with organizations such as Al Mujtaba Education Trust who seek to enable students like me achieve educational aspirations. May Allah help such people involved in enabling education of needy students achieve their objectives with great success.