Our Partnerships Continue to Grow

Nominees of Al Mujtaba Education Trust at TUF with Trustees Brig Hafeez (R) and Brig Akram (R)

Al Mujtaba Education Trust extends felicitations to our students at TUF (The University of Faisalabad) for successful completion of first year studies in the disciplines of Physiotherapy and Optometry. We also extend our gratitude to TUF for providing opportunities to girls from rural areas that would otherwise have been unaffordable for them. TUF has not only subsidized education costs but also facilitated hostel accommodation, a necessity for students from remote areas. We are proud of our nominees who despite hardships and disadvantages peculiar to schooling in remote rural areas have risen to the challenges of their new environment. All of them have scored high marks and show resolve to make the most of opportunity provided to them. With addition of two more girls this year we now have seven students at the prestigious institution. The partnership augers well for the future, Insha Allah.