Miss Afsana – A Beacon of Hope

Miss Afsan belongs to a remote village in our Northern Areas of Ghizr District. A determined and dedicated student, she did not let the handicaps of distances from educational institutions and underdevelopment of her environs hinder her educational ambitions. She braved whatever difficulties came her way and completed her Masters in Islamic Studies from The University of Modern Languages Islamabad. Al Mujtaba Education Trust is proud of our association with her and all members wish her the best in future. In her words:

“By the grace of ALLAH I stood first in my class in the final exams. The help extended to me by Al Mujtaba Education trust encouraged me and helped me succeed. I now intend to take up teaching and contribute towards education of my community. I am looking forward to being employed in the field of learning at any suitable institution in Gilgit Baltistan”. She talks about her association with the Trust:

Miss Afsana – Inspiring Story

Resident of Ghizar District of Gilgit Baltistan

Completed her Master’s in Islamic studies from National University of Modern Languages

Achieved Distinction – First in Class

Aims to be an Educationist

Desires to contribute towards uplift of remotely located communities of Gilgit Baltistan Area