Board of Trustees (BOT): Highest body formulating, monitoring and reviewing the policies and directions of the Trust.

Executive Committee (EC): Appointed by BOT, manages the affairs of the Trust.

Regional Director (RD): Appointed for each Division / Region to coordinate functioning of the Project Directors (PDs).

Project Director (PD): Appointed for each District to coordinate the functioning of project coordinators (PCs).

Project Coordinator (PC): Appointed for each tehsil to coordinate the functioning of area coordination committees (ACC).

Area Coordination Committee (ACC): Consisting of 5-7 members from amongst the head of schools / institutions and notables of the area, it is responsible for:-

Selection of deserving students based on their merit and financial status of their families.

Processing the cases through PC for consideration and approval by EC.

Receive, pay and monitor the payments of approved benefits to selected students of their area and provide verified receipts of payment.

Monitor progress of the selected students and submit half yearly and yearly reports of students being financed.