About Us

Registration No. CTR-47/2016

Education is the corner stone of any successful nation. There is no doubt that prosperity of a nation depends solely on the intellectual quality of its human resource.

Unfortunately, this aspect has been ignored in Pakistan, ever since its independence. Today quality education is enjoyed by only a small segment of upper crest of our society. 70% of population living in villages is deprived of any quality schooling. On the other hand there is an acute dearth of competent teachers.

Al-Mujtaba Education Trust has been established to make a beginning towards education and grooming the poor but bright children from rural and backward areas. At the same time it is intended to provide intimate guidance, training and direction to teachers for improving standard of education

Al-Mujtaba Education Trust (AMET) is a non-political, non-commercial, non-governmental organization, where primary aim is to make quality education accessible to talented boys and girls belonging to poor selection of the society.